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1041 Preparation and Planning 1: Tax Fundamentals for Trusts and Estates (2016 Edition)

Online Self Study 2012 Brute Force 750 4X4i EPS Interactive and Quiz

Overview of new Kawasaki model.

Online Self-Study Beginning Twitter for Professionals

Learn the basics of Twitter to enhance your professional skills.

Online Self-Study Beginning Twitter for Professionals

Twitter basics for those who want to use Twitter in business.

Group Internet-Based ePEP® TIME MANAGEMENT Webinar

ePEP® - Learn proven Time Managements Tips, Tools, and Techniques which will Save You Time and Get More of the Right Work Done with Less Stress from Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want.

Call 866-798-5897, extension 13 for course schedule.

Group-Internet Based ePEP® TIME MANAGEMENT Webinar - Part 1 of 3, Personal Work Habits and Information Organization

ePEP®, based upon the globally-acclaimed PEP Program with over 1 million participants, is a proven system of Time Management offering a step-by-step approach to improving personal and team productivity. In this 60 minute unit of learning, the participant will learn, through common-sense, proven, practical, implementable, and sustainable techniques on how to organize, manage and retrieve information in both the paper and electronic worlds so that all data is instantly retrievable.

Group-Internet Based ePEP® TIME MANAGEMENT Webinar - Part 2 of 3, Using Electronic Tools

This course introduces the use of electronic tools to achieve your time management objectives. In this 60 minute unit of learning, you will learn, through common-sense, proven, practical, and sustainable techniques to clearly focus to be able to implement the process.

Group Live Executive PEP - 1 Day Version

2-hour, one-day version of course.

Group Live Executive PEP - 3 Day Version

3 day version of personal productivity

Group-Live Executive PEP - Day One


Group-Live Executive PEP - Day Two


FINAL_Fair Value Measurements v2

Online Self-Study Flu Prevention: At Home, At Work and During Travel

Learn basics of flu prevention.

Webinar Sessions General LiveMeeting Webinars

This is a general placeholder to set up Live Meeting sessions with clients who require training.

IAS 3239 e-learning module

Online Self-Study Microsoft Outlook 2010 Level 2 Lesson 5

This is an example of an MS Office skills course available from the OpenSesame library.

QAS Self-Study Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Part 1

An introduction to queries for MS SQL server.

On-Line Self-Study Sales and Use Tax

Eisner Amper can offer valuable services to our clients by insuring they understand their compliance requirements under the sales tax laws and regulations in the states where they may be responsible for paying these taxes.

Title 31

On-Line Self Study Use of LMS Tools to Evaluate Learning Effectiveness

This presentation overviews learner data commonly collected by learning management systems, and discusses how this data can be used to evaluate the training delivered through the LMS.

Online Self Study VCS Demo Course

This course demonstrates the browser agnostic capabilities of HTML5.

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